All patients who are electing to undergo an operation at Maryborough Hospital will either receive a telephone call from the Pre-Admission Nurse or be required to attend an appointment at the Pre-Admission Clinic before their scheduled procedure.

During this appointment all hospital paperwork will be completed and patients are advised of admission times and instructions for fasting before surgery.

Patients will have a general health assessment to ensure good health prior to surgery and it is an opportunity to ask any questions about the operation.  Any anaesthetic risks will also be discussed.

Patients are also required to review and sign a Consent Form before surgery can take place.

On the day of the procedure, patients need to report to the Day Surgery Unit at the time confirmed with the Pre-Admission Clinic.

Before the surgery Doctors and Nurses will ask you to say your name, date of birth and the part of your body that will be operated on.  The staff may need to make a mark with a pen on the part of your body where the surgery will happen - this will be done before you go into the operating room.

These repetitive steps are normal procedures to ensure everything goes as planned for surgery.

For further information or to book your appointment at the Pre-Admission Clinic please telephone 5461 0308