Leaving a Bequest to MDHS

A bequest is a request left in a person's Will to ensure that person's wishes are fulfilled, and a request of money or property can be left to be used for a specific purpose.

Continue your life’s work

During your lifetime you support and contribute to a range of organisations in your own community. By leaving a Gift in Your Will to Maryborough District Health Service your bequest can provide funding for the future towards new medical equipment, medical technologies or health related projects that help patients in your local hospital.

How can leaving a gift help?

Through generous donations and bequests Maryborough District Health Service is able to fund medical equipment that would otherwise not be funded, specialist nursing training and funding towards health projects that make a substantial difference to the lives of many patients.

Many new projects are in planning and have the potential to make a real difference. Your bequest can help make future projects a reality and by leaving a legacy give meaning to your life’s work.

Preparing your will

It is essential that you seek legal advice when making your will. Should you wish to support Maryborough District Health Service with a Gift in Your Will, the appropriate wording is as follows:

“I give, devise and bequeath to Maryborough District Health Service for the use and benefit of Maryborough District Health Service at Maryborough, Victoria. I declare that the receipt of the chief executive officer or other authorised officer for the time being of the said Maryborough District Health Service shall be full and sufficient discharge to my executor for administration of this bequest”

Recent bequest

MDHS has been the fortunate recipient of several bequests, from individuals who have been clients or patients or previous residents at an MDHS Nursing Home.

Most recently, a bequest of $100,000, was received from (Cyril) Gordon Lilburne who had been a resident at the Avoca Nursing Home, with the request that the funds be used specifically for the benefit of the Nursing Home.

Mr Lilburne's family were contacted to determine how the current Avoca Nursing Home residents and local community might be able to benefit from such generosity, and several improvements were made to the campus, also with the support of the Avoca Auxiliary and Avoca Op-Shop.