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Inspiring Health

Inspiring Health – Our Strategic Plan

 Our vision is to inspire health in every way, every day.

 What does Inspiring Health look like at MDHS?

  • Striving for excellence
  • Staff and volunteers feeling valued and believe our consumers are getting great care and services
  • Everyone working together

Our Strategic Plan

This plan outlines the strategic direction in which we will take our organisation forward. Our plan is built on the four pillars of Inspired Health.

Empowering Your Health – is about improving the current general health status of the population and supporting individuals to better manage their health.

Strengthening Services – is at the core of MDHS’ role. MDHS will continue to deliver and improve the range of primary and some secondary level health services expected of a rural health service.

Developing staff – recognises that an important part of the future is to invest in MDHS’ people and foster a vibrant and positive work culture. It underpins a future capability to deliver on MDHS roles.

Working with Partners -recognises that no healthcare organisation is able to deliver on its role in isolation. MDHS will actively embrace – formal and informal – collaborative working relationships with health and other service providers to meet MDHS’ strategic objectives.

Download our Strategic Plan.


We are genuine to one another, honest, trustworthy and accountable.

We are respectful in our behaviours, attitudes and words to one another. Listening, supporting and caring to those who we work with and come in contact with.

We are always striving for excellence, only the best by us will do.

We constantly do what we say we are going to do, support one another and hold our colleagues to account.

We are always working together to support our common values, goals and vision.

Download our values here.