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Board of Management

The volunteer members of the Board of Management oversee the strategic direction of MDHS. Members are appointed for one, two or three year terms by the Governor in Council and are responsible for the provision of agreed services within the resources available.

The Board of Management is the governance body of MDHS, a role which includes monitoring the financial management, risk management, care standards and compliance with regulations and legislation.

Board of Management:

  1. Peter McAllister (Chairman)
  2. Kelly Mason (President)
  3. Gerard Richmond  (Treasurer)
  4. Anthony Snell
  5. Diane Thiele
  6. Robyn Smith
  7. Andrea Ford
  8. Windsor Main
  9. Ron Eason
  10. Caylene Vincent                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Senior Leadership

CEO Terry Welch manages MDHS  and reports to the board of directors. He is supported by senior executive who oversee the running of departments between them.  

The MDHS Senior Leadership team is committed to operating cohesively to help people manage their own health better and understands Government priorities but always delivering person-centred goals, as well as developing a working environment which promotes a sense of well-being and creating opportunities for education and understanding.

  • Terry Welch, Chief Executive Officer ( MBA, GradDipHlthSrvcsMgt, Cert Coronary Care, RN, GAICD)     
  •  Mrs Laura Martin, Director of Finance & Corporate Services  ( Chartered Accountant, BABus/HotelMgt)       
  • Mrs Nickola Allan, Director of Clinical Services (RN, GradDipFrtlneMgt)
  • Mr Cameron Olsen – Operations Manager Finance and Corporate Services
  • Mrs Michelle Forrester – Operations Manager People and Culture
  • Mrs Anne Watson – Operations Manager Primary Preventative Health
  • Ms Tara Cramer – Operations Manager Strategy and Governance
  • Mrs Helen Mc Auley – Infection Control Coordinator