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Maternity Services

"Life Begins in Maryborough"

Maternity Services

Life Begins in Maryborough

Our midwives often describe their job as a privileged, because they are able to help you bring new life into the world.

Watch the video interviews below to see what some of our mums thought about their experience at MDHS.

Why MDHS? 

MDHS is a tight-knit community centred hospital that offers great patient service. Our small, highly skilled maternity team will provide you with personalised care throughout your time with us. Research shows that women who have consistent caregivers experience better outcomes and our team see this demonstrated every day in our work. We are always hearing from our women and their families how lovely it has been for them to see the same doctors and midwives throughout their time with us.

Maternity Services

MDHS offers maternity care to low-risk women for the whole of their pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey.

Information for New Mums

During your pregnancy, we will recommend several blood tests that will check for various conditions that could affect the health of you or your baby.

You will also have at least two ultrasounds, one at the beginning of pregnancy and one at around 20 weeks gestation, to check the health of your baby.

Click here for more information about what to expect when you’re expecting.

Antenatal Care

All pregnancy appointments are held in our antenatal clinic, where you will be seen by both a GP Obstetrician and a midwife. Here you will have regular check-ups, all of the recommended screening tests and ultrasounds, and receive information about pregnancy and birth.

We also offer childbirth education classes which is a great way to meet other new parents and find out all about labour, birth and looking after your baby once they arrive!

Birthing Centre

MDHS is fully equipped with a large birthing room and all the comforts of home. Once you arrive in the hospital you will receive one-on-one care from a midwife during your labour and birth. Partners and support people are welcome and we fully encourage women and their families to make themselves at home.

Postnatal Care

After your baby is born you will stay in the hospital for two or three nights, depending on the type of birth you have and how well you and your baby are recovering. You will be cared for by one of our midwives who will assist you to learn how to feed and care for your baby and how to look after yourself following the birth.

Once you and your baby go home, you will be seen by a midwife for a domiciliary visit, either at your home or at the hospital. These visits include feeding support, further education about baby care and community resources for new parents, and a physical check-up for both you and your baby.