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COVID Clinic

Get vaccinated to protect our community

COVID-19 alert

With a number of active cases of COVID-19 in the region, we need to remain vigilant in responding as a community to minimise spread, and ensure infections are detected and contained quickly.  The delta and omicron strains are very infectious, and can easily spread rapidly before someone even knows they have it.

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COVID testing

Victoria’s testing rules have recently changed. It is still important to get tested if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you have been informed you are a contact of someone with COVID-19.

Read the COVID Checklist to work out what to do if you test positive and need to report your result, or have been told you are a contact.

To get tested, everyone’s first option should be to use a rapid antigen test. You must report a positive result as soon as possible to link you to the appropriate care if needed.

If you have symptoms or you are a contact, and can’t access a rapid antigen test, you can get a PCR test.

You can do this at our drive-through testing clinic if you pre-register and make an appointment.

COVID-19 testing clinic

Our testing clinic is usually open by appointment only from 9.00 am to 12 noon, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

However, please note the clinic will closed over the Easter holiday period from Thursday 14 April (the day before Good Friday) through to Tuesday 19 April (Easter Tuesday).

Our COVID-19 testing team will be back in action on Wednesday 20 April and Friday 22 April, before closing for the Anzac Day Public holiday on Monday 25 April.

The drive-through clinic is located on Florence Lane in Maryborough. Enter and exit via Nightingale Street.

Operating hours may vary as activity is scaled up or down based on community demand. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for changes.

Please only book in for a PCR test in line with testing guidelines.

During the current outbreak, anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should assume they are COVID-19 positive until proven otherwise.

If you have symptoms and can’t get access to a test straight away, stay at home and isolate until you can.

If you can’t get an appointment at our clinic, don’t go to your GP or to the Urgent Care Centre.

Testing is available a short drive away in Bendigo and Ballarat. To find your closest clinic visit, and follow the links to complete a Testing Registration Form.

How to make an appointment

Please follow the two-step process to streamline bookings and save time at the drive-through testing site.

You must be in a vehicle to be tested. Please let the team know if you need any special assistance at the time of booking.

Don’t forget to bring your Medicare card and mobile phone to your appointment for easy check-in and registration.

It is important you arrive at your appointment on time to keep things running smoothly.

Tips for drive-through testing

  • Drive slowly as you enter and exit
  • Look out for pedestrians, clinical staff or other traffic, including ambulances.
  • Remain in your car while in the queue
  • Be careful not to obstruct access to the ambulance station or block drive-ways
  • Wait until you receive notification from a staff member
  • Drive to the testing area/marquee
  • Turn your engine off and place the car in park
  • Leave your face mask on until you are instructed to remove it for the test
  • Return home immediately after your test
  • Stay at home and isolate yourself until you receive your results.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Thank you to everyone who has been vaccinated to help protect our community.

Find out more about the vaccine availability and where to get vaccinated below.

Please note the Community Vaccination Hub on Burns Street is now closed. To make an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination contact your local GP, pharmacy or larger state-run centres such as Ballarat Health Service or Bendigo Health.  Some pharmacies and state-run centres also provide walk-ins.

Do not attend a vaccination clinic if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.


The vaccine is delivered according to the Victorian Government’s Department of Health recommendations.

AstraZeneca is available to those aged 18 and over.
Pfizer is available to those aged 12 and over.
Moderna is available to those aged 12 and over.


COVID-19 vaccines are now available for children aged 5 to 11 years.  The vaccine is a smaller dose of the Pfizer vaccine, created specifically for young children. Book at your local GP or pharmacy, or get your child vaccinated at larger state-run clinics in Ballarat or Bendigo.

Boosters – third dose

A third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is recommended for anyone aged 16 and over, who had their second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine three or more months ago. A COVID-19 booster dose will help prevent loss of immunity against COVID-19, which can wane over time.

Pfizer and Moderna are approved for use as booster vaccines and are considered equally acceptable.

If you are severely immunocompromised a booster is recommended 2 to 4 months after your 2nd dose. Read the recommendations.

To find out more information on which vaccine or booster you can receive visit

Where to get vaccinated

To make an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine contact your local GP, pharmacy or larger state-run centres such as Ballarat Health Service or Bendigo Health. Some pharmacies and state-run centres also provide walk-ins.

The Community Vaccination Hub on Burns Street, which we ran in partnership with Central Goldfields Shire Council and local GPs, is now closed.