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for a healthy community

Without the generosity and support of the local community, it would be difficult for MDHS to achieve important improvements to facilities and services across the organisation.
Members of the community are able to support MDHS in a variety of ways.

All donations and bequests are gratefully received, and assist MDHS in purchases of much needed equipment.

Volunteers are generous donors of their time and effort and enhance the person-centred care provided by MDHS staff to community members and residents our three Residential Communities.


Volunteers are an integral part of MDHS who assist in many areas of the health service and make an enormous contribution to the organisation. MDHS is grateful for the wealth of knowledge, skills and time volunteers share to enhance service delivery within the health service.

There are currently over 100 volunteers at MDHS, including Hospital Auxiliary members, working regularly at each campus of MDHS, ably assisting lifestyle coordinators within Residential Care and in various other areas assisting staff, residents and patients.

Another significant volunteer group is the Wellness In Motion transport program, with volunteer drivers assisting people with chronic illness to travel to the larger town centres of Ballarat, Bendigo and Melbourne to receive treatment. Without this level of commitment it would be very difficult for many people to receive treatment for life threatening illnesses.

For further information on volunteering at MDHS, please contact the Volunteer coordinator on telephone 5461 0333

Health & community collaborative (HCC)

The MDHS Health and Community Collaborative (HCC) is the key forum for community participation in the development of MDHS services relevant to the health needs of the represented community.

Consisting of members of the community and members of the Board with attendance by MDHS Executive staff, the HCC has been implemented to assist the Board with:

  • advice on initiatives relevant to the health of our community.
  • broad strategic planning and policy development processes which contribute to the development of MDHS services in the community. These sessions are based around a key theme or program area where we are keen to hear from our key partners in the catchment and more broadily in the health arena as well as the opinion of our consumers and community members.
  • two way communication process between MDHS and the community.
  • assist with an annual session to recognise and acknolwedge the many volunteers and support groups that operate across the health service supporting our programs and the patient, clients and residents accessing services.
  • other key components as outlined in the committee Terms of Reference.

The HCC meets up to four times per year with the venue and topic changing to highlight an area of the health service. Between HCC meetings, “Community Forums” may be held as an additional opportunity for community members or community group representatives to have input with HCC committee members and Executive staff.


Without the generosity and support of the local community, it would be difficult for MDHS to achieve important improvements to facilities and services across the organisation.

No donation is too small in assisting MDHS achieve its goals of building services and facilities for the local community.

Many local community groups make regular donations to all campuses of MDHS, to enable purchases of much needed equipment to assist service delivery or improve facilities.

Leaving a Bequest to MDHS

A bequest is a request left in a person’s Will to ensure that person’s wishes are fulfilled, and a request of money or property can be left to be used for a specific purpose.

Continue your life’s work

During your lifetime you support and contribute to a range of organisations in your own community. By leaving a Gift in Your Will to Maryborough District Health Service your bequest can provide funding for the future towards new medical equipment, medical technologies or health related projects that help patients in your local hospital.

How can leaving a gift help?

Through generous donations and bequests Maryborough District Health Service is able to fund medical equipment that would otherwise not be funded, specialist nursing training and funding towards health projects that make a substantial difference to the lives of many patients.

Many new projects are in planning and have the potential to make a real difference. Your bequest can help make future projects a reality and by leaving a legacy give meaning to your life’s work.

Preparing your will

It is essential that you seek legal advice when making your will. Should you wish to support Maryborough District Health Service with a Gift in Your Will, the appropriate wording is as follows:

“I give, devise and bequeath to Maryborough District Health Service for the use and benefit of Maryborough District Health Service at Maryborough, Victoria. I declare that the receipt of the chief executive officer or other authorised officer for the time being of the said Maryborough District Health Service shall be full and sufficient discharge to my executor for administration of this bequest”

Fundraising Events

Charity Golf Day

Stay tuned for more information on the 2019 event.


MDHS is very fortunate to have a group of Auxiliary members at each campus, whose members are dedicated to a variety of regular fundraising activities including raffles and cake sales.

Over the years many hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised by our Auxiliaries to benefit many different areas of the Health Service through the purchase of much needed equipment and to assist in the development of facilities for residents and patients.

If you would like to become a member of any of our hardworking Auxiliaries please contact our Volunteer Coordinator on 5461 0333.