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Community update – Dec 2023

community update on hospital redevelopment

Image of four people wearing high visibility vests and hard hats on a construction site. They are standing in front of a digger and holding shovels loaded with dirt.

We’re excited to bring you the final update on the Maryborough and District Hospital redevelopment for 2023.

It’s been a big year for us, starting with the completion of early works in the first half of the year as a significant milestone.

It’s now been nearly six months since we turned the first sod in July to mark the start of main construction.

As you can see, the $115 million project is well underway as the structure for the new hospital continues to grow, with concrete slabs on two of three levels complete.

We’re excited that the build is on track for completion progressively from the end of next year.

The redevelopment will transform services with the delivery of a new urgent care centre and 32 bed inpatient unit. We’ll also see a new maternity unit with two birthing suites, two operating theatres and recovery spaces along with a day medical centre and consulting suites.

Read more about the benefits of this project at Maryborough Hospital redevelopment.

What’s been happening?

Up, up and away

The view of scaffolding on a construction site.

Over the past two months, the structure has continued to rise way above the hoarding and is highly visible from the street.

Since the first of many concrete pours in October, builders have completed the concrete slabs on the first two levels to make up the lower ground and ground floors.

The structural supports for the formwork continue to multiply as the team prepares to pour the first part of the slab on the next level, which will form level one of the new building.

More than 50 truckloads of concrete will be used to create this next 300 cubic metre slab, making it the biggest pour yet.

Hoarding about

You may have noticed the bold and colourful signage around the edge of the site after the hoarding received a makeover in November. It’s a sure sign that our bigger and better hospital is under construction to bring many benefits to our community.

A surprise visit

Our team were pleased to receive a visit from the Member for Ripon Martha Haylett, who stopped by to check on how things were progressing with the new build in November.  It was also a chance to hear more about all the work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure things are in place for when the hospital is completed.

In other news…

Service relocations go live

The new power supply to the hospital went live in November following the construction of a new switch room. Additional works to connect to the sewer were recently completed as cabling works continue at the rear of the construction site.

More prep works start 

Further preparation works will start this month at the back of the building site.

These works will make way for the new two-tiered car park to improve parking and access for staff, patients and the community.

They will also improve access to new loading zones for deliveries to and from the hospital’s back of house and supply area.

This part of the project will see the Centre of Inspired Learning (COIL) training classroom relocated to a new location alongside temporary dining facilities and amenities for our team of staff.

The COIL classroom will be ready for action when our nursing students return to study in 2024.

We’ve been working staff, volunteers, suppliers and neighbouring medical clinics to keep everyone abreast of changes in pathways and access to the hospital.

Changes to access and parking

As construction ramps up we’re reminding all community members to enter Maryborough Hospital via Clarendon Street.

Please use the main entrance to the hospital near the corner of Tuaggra Street, unless you are visiting Urgent Care or have an appointment at Medical Imaging.

Due to changes in the construction zone, the old entrance to the hospital near the supply area off Neill Street is closed to the public to help protect safety.

Changes to short-term parking at the main entrance will also come into effect from Wednesday 20 December due to a relocation of parking for dialysis patients.

There will be two bays available to the public for 20 minute parking on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and six available on all other days.

The area remains a drop-off zone. Follow the signage for where to park. Other parking and drop-off points close by include:

  • Off-street parking in the new hospital car park, located off Clarendon Street at the north end
  • Patient drop-off point outside the entrance to Urgent Care and Medical Imaging
  • 30-minute short-term parking on Clarendon Street, near the Urgent Care entry
  • Two hour short-stay parking on Neill, Clarendon, Florence and Palmerston streets
  • All day parking is also available on Palmerston and Nightingale streets, and the west end of Neill Street.

Thank you for your cooperation as we navigate the build of a state-of-the-art hospital to build a healthier future for our community.

A newly constructed asphalt car park at a hospital is filled cars

More than 40 off-street car parks are available in the new car park at the north end of the Maryborough Hospital campus.

Wrap up on early works

Thank you to SJ Weir for completing the early works on the project in June. Here’s a quick recap on works completed:

  • Access to Urgent Care Centre
  • Demolition of buildings
  • Off street parking at north-end of hospital
  • Service relocations
  • Refurbished facilities for allied health, dental services and co-located services.

That’s on top of the work we’ve done to prepare shovel-ready designs, and costings for a proposed Back of House logistics project to support the expansion.

More information – stay connected

To stay up-to-date on the project follow our Facebook page. If you have any questions or wish to speak to the project team, feel free to reach out at

For more information about the project visit or read the updates on our hospital redevelopment page.