Visiting Hours: 10am - 11am, 2pm - 3pm

Visiting Hours

Visitor update

Visitor restrictions are still in place across our hospital and residential care facilities due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The restrictions are in place to prevent the risk of COVID transmission to protect staff, patients and families.

Under the current guidelines for high-risk settings some visits are permitted. However there are limits on the number of visitors and who can visit, unless an exemption applies.*

If you are planning a visit it is important you are aware of our entry requirements, and consider alternatives such as phone calls and video chat. We know this may be disappointing for some, and appreciate your understanding and support.

Please see below a summary of the visitor guidelines in the hospital and our residential aged care communities, effective from 23 March 2022.

All visitors must show evidence they have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, OR show evidence of a negative antigen test (RAT) result on the day of the visit.

You must not visit a hospital to see patients if you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past seven days, or had contact with someone who has had contact with COVID-19 in the past 7 days (if fully vaccinated) or 14 days (if you have not had at least two doses of vaccine).


Hospital visitor requirements

Permitted visitors

Acute ward: Two (2) people are welcome to visit each day during visiting hours. Visit are limited to no longer than one (1) hour.

Theatre/day surgery: One (1) designated vaccinated support person for permitted reasons only.

Birth suite: One primary support person for birth with a patient during labour and birth with no time limit, plus one other vaccinated person can visit.

Urgent Care Centre: One (1) vaccinated support person.

Outpatients appointments/ Medical imaging: One (1) vaccinated support person if required.

Children and babies: Please do not bring children to the hospital at this time unless exceptional circumstances apply. Babies 12 months or younger may accompany their care-giver.

Screening and entry requirements

All visits to Maryborough Hospital must be pre-arranged via the ward clerk/ front reception.

All visitors are required to check-in via the electronic check-in system (Zipline), which includes temperature checks and proof of double vaccination.

All visitors are required to wear a surgical mask.

People who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated are required to complete a negative RAT test on-site, AND wear a N95 respirator (P2 mask). These visits are for permitted reasons under exceptional circumstances only.*

Visits are not permitted in communal areas unless they are conducted outside.

Visiting hours

Visitor hours at Maryborough Hospital are 10.00am – 4.00pm, seven days a week. Partners of patients on the maternity ward may visit outside these hours.


Residential communities – aged care visitor requirements

Permitted visitors

Five (5) people are welcome to visit each day. However each visitor can only visit once a day, and there can be no more than two visitors at a time.

All visitors are required to complete a negative RAT test on-site prior to entry, regardless of vaccination status.

Screening and entry requirements

Visitor hours in our residential communities are 10.00am to 2.00pm on week days. Visits are permitted on the weekend by appointment only. Contact the ward clerk/Nurse Unit Manager to arrange.

Visits are not permitted in communal areas unless they occur outside.


Exceptional / special circumstances*

All visitors must show evidence they have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, OR show evidence of a negative antigen test result on the day of the visit, unless an authorisation from standard requirements is granted.

Please contact individual units for more information as exemptions for meeting visitor requirements must be discussed with the authorised Nurse Unit Manager.

Permitted reasons for testing and vaccination entry exemptions include:

  • A person who is a parent, carer or guardian of a patient
  • A person who is a support person or partner of a pregnant patient in the hospital
  • A person who is an immediate family member of a patient whose medical condition is life-threatening
  • A person providing end of life support (this may include visits for people aged under 16 years)


Smoke-Free Health Service

MDHS is a completely smoke-free organisation and provides a smoke-free environment for employees, patients, clients, residents, contractors, volunteers and families.

The health service has a responsibility to provide an environment free of tobacco-related risk and be a leader in promoting the health benefits of a smoke-free workplace; this applied to a building or outdoor area within the boundaries of any campus.

MDHS staff, patients, and clients who smoke are encouraged and can be supported to reduce or stop smoking with access to a smoking cessation facilitator.

Please contact the Customer Excellence team on 5461 0333 for more information.