Visiting Hours: 10am - 11am, 2pm - 3pm

Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours

Please note, COVID-19 visitor restrictions are currently in place. Please ensure that you enter through the main entrance and complete the relevant check-in requirements. Only two visitors at a time are permitted, and masks must be worn.

Amherst Ward visiting hours (includes Maternity): 10am – 11am AND 2pm – 3pm

Spouses and partners are welcome to visit at any time during the day. One additional visitor permitted during visiting hours.


Smoke-Free Health Service

MDHS is a completely smoke-free organisation and provides a smoke-free environment for employees, patients, clients, residents, contractors, volunteers and families.

The health service has a responsibility to provide an environment free of tobacco-related risk and be a leader in promoting the health benefits of a smoke-free workplace; this applied to a building or outdoor area within the boundaries of any campuses.

MDHS staff, patients, and clients who smoke are encouraged and can be supported to reduce or stop smoking with access to a smoking cessation facilitator.

Please contact the Customer Excellence team on 5461 0333 for more information.