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Zack associate nurse unit manager wattle rise

Great opportunities to learn and grow at MDHS

Monday 23rd October, 2023

Zack kick-started his nursing career with our Transition To Practice Program. He is now an Associate Nurse Unit Manager.

“MDHS offers a good variety of options,” Zack said.

“If there is a particular type of nursing you want to try, they will accommodate you in both your first and second year.”

Zack completed a placement with MDHS as part of his nursing degree at Ballarat Australian Catholic University, he then went on to complete his graduate year at MDHS as well.

“I liked the facilities when I was here on placement, so I put MDHS down as one of my preferences for a graduate position and luckily enough they were happy to take me on.”

“It’s very community-driven, everyone seems to know everyone,” he said.

Zack is one of our many amazing nurses who has jumped at MDHS education opportunities and worked hard to succeed.

Zack has worked in our Urgent Care Centre and now is the Associate Nurse Unit Manager in Wattle Rise, our Residential Aged Care facility in Maryborough, giving him a well-rounded early career experience.

“If you’re happy to put in work, you can get a lot out of MDHS and I’ve been able to gain a lot of experience fairly quickly. In nursing, you are all working for one goal, which is providing the most safe and appropriate care for your patient, but within each sector, it is done slightly differently. When you are just starting out it’s great to experience that.”

The Transition to Practice Graduate Program is an exciting way to begin your career! The aim of the program is to facilitate a smooth transition from nursing graduate to being a competent, confident Registered Nurse or Endorsed Enrolled Nurse.

MDHS fosters a culture of lifelong learning to deliver high standards of person-centred care for patients, residents and clients.

With a $115 million hospital development on the way, this is an ideal time to join the team at MDHS as it expands its world-class facilities and services.

Find out more by visiting our careers page.

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