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Jess, Narelle and Lesley from the MDHS Dental Service Team standing in front of a wall with tops on how to look after teeth

MDHS puts spotlight on dental health

Monday 1st August, 2022

The Dental Services Team at Maryborough District Health Service (MDHS) is urging residents across the Central Goldfields, and in Pyrenees Shire to love their teeth as part of a national campaign to encourage good oral health.

Dental Health Week runs from Monday 1 August to Sunday 7 August providing the chance to put the spotlight on the importance of good oral health.

“Looking after your teeth and gums is important for your health,” said Lesley Knight, Dental Team Administrator, who is often the first point of call for dental clients at the health service.

“A healthy mouth allows you to smile, eat and speak which helps your general health, mental wellbeing and ability to socialise with others.

“Enjoying a nutritious low-sugar diet, tooth brushing each day and regular dental visits are key ways to keep your mouth feeling good and working well,” she said.

“This will help prevent common dental diseases like tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer.”

Poor oral health has also been linked to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illness, other forms of cancer and stroke.

Maryborough District Health Service is joining the Australian Dental Association this Dental Health Week to provide five tips on how to love your teeth all year round. They are:

  • Take your teeth on a date to the dentist – book in for your regular check-up or catch up if you haven’t been for a while.
  • Care for your teeth by brushing every day – brush every morning and before you go to bed at night.
  • Be kind to your teeth by cleaning between them every day to help remove bacteria and food that can build up and cause tooth decay.
  • Treat your teeth to healthy foods and drinks – avoid sugaring drinks and foods. Choose to drink water during the day and eat any sweet treats with a main meal instead of snacking between meals.
  • Show your teeth love by using them for their intended purpose – use your teeth to chew and smile, and avoid habits like opening bottles or packets which might chip or break your teeth.

Central Goldfields Shire has been classified by Dental Health Services Victoria as a high-risk area when it comes to oral health.

Initiatives like Dental Health Week, and Smiles 4 Miles for children, are looking to change that story and promote healthier smiles across the region.

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