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Caitlin speech pathologist

Speech pathology – supporting communication across the lifespan

Thursday 24th August, 2023

As a speech pathologist, Caitlin can work anywhere, but she chose Maryborough Hospital.

“Maryborough District Health Service (MDHS) is different because I can work with clients of all ages,” said Caitlin.

“Often, speech pathologists specialise in either children or adults, or in a particular area. But the role at MDHS is so varied and no two days are the same.”

“The team is super friendly and supportive, with heaps of opportunities for professional development, which is really encouraged.”

Speech pathology is a profession you might not know much about, until you need to access one of these highly skilled professionals.

This service supports people in more ways than just speech. People who have swallowing difficulties, communication disabilities or are recovering from a brain injury or stroke can all benefit from a speech pathologist. Speech pathology can also help babies with feeding issues.

Caitlin was drawn to speech pathology from a lifelong love of language.

“I was always interested in the different features, sounds and structure of languages. I wanted to work in health, so speech pathology combined it all.

“I love what I do and putting what I’ve learned into practice. It’s such a rewarding job, with my favourite aspect definitely being the variety offered by MDHS.

“I love that I get to work with people who really need support and that really makes a difference. Sometimes making small suggestions makes a huge difference to quality of life.”

Meagan is another speech pathologist at MDHS and has a similar love and commitment to the profession.

“I love working with young children on their communication skills because it is such a pleasure to see the pride they have when they can communicate more easily with others.

“I know that these children leave our service so much more ready to start to learn to read and write, which evidence shows sets them up for a healthier and happier life,” said Meagan.

Speech Pathology Week, 20-26 August, promotes the incredible work of speech pathologists. Communication is a basic human right and Speech Pathology Week helps to raise awareness of communication disability and the role of speech pathologists to assist with communicating across the lifespan.

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Photo captions:

  1. Meagan and Christiana, speech pathologists at MDHS
  2. Caitlin with some of the fun and engaging toys available for our young clients visiting MDHS. Play helps kids develop language skills from birth.