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MDHS is committed to delivering high-quality person-centred care for all patients, residents, clients and visitors to the health service. During COVID-19, MDHS has implemented a range of Telehealth Services, including Telehealth Direct and My Care Manager.

My Care Manager means MDHS patients can now monitor their symptoms and vital signs from their own home by connecting to a secure digital health platform via a patient app.

To read more, please visit: MDHS TeleHealth


Access to MDHS Telehealth for patients, families and outside callers

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Access to MDHS telehealth for MDHS Staff

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Important Information

COVID-19 has required a rapid transition to Telehealth to keep our patients and staff healthy.

Your well-being, privacy and confidentiality remain our priority.

If you do not have a safe place for this consultation or if you are worried about your safety online, please advise your clinician or contact MDHS at any time.

We will work with you to ensure great care is maintained. Telephone: 03 5461 0333.


What you will need:

  • Internet connection
  • A device such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • A private, well-lit area where you will not be disturbed during the video call
  • A web-browser
  • Web-camera, speakers and microphone (built into laptops or mobile devices)


About the MDHS Telehealth Program

MDHS is committed to reducing the stress of attending appointments where travel is required. A telehealth video call can help reduce this stress.

Please note Telehealth is only available through a booked appointment with a clinician. In the event of an emergency, please call 000 (Triple 0) or go to your nearest emergency department or Urgent Care Centre.


Troubleshooting and resources

DHHS Telehealth

Health Direct Australia – Guide to making a video call

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