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New vision and era for healthcare in Maryborough region

Tuesday 24th May, 2022

Maryborough District Health Service (MDHS) has officially launched its strategic plan marking a new era of innovative healthcare for Maryborough and the wider region.

Chief Executive Officer Nickola Allan and Board of Management Chair Kelly Mason today unveiled the Maryborough District Health Service Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025.

The plan outlines an ambitious vision to change to healthcare story with the community at an exciting time of transformation in the region.

It builds on a rich history and a strong commitment to providing best practice patient-centred care to improve health outcomes in the region under four main goals.

The strategic pillars are: Connecting our community to care, Purposeful partnerships, Our team and Sustainability.

The master plan will enable MDHS to work with patients, carers and partners to:

  • Provider better access to the right treatment at the right time
  • Ensure people feel safe and supported when using the service
  • Help residents live longer, happier and more connected lives, and
  • Reduce length of stay in hospital by getting clients back to health and home sooner.

“In a 168-year history for Maryborough District Health Service, few moments have been as critical as now, as we emerge from a pandemic and look ahead to the rest of the 21st century,” said Nickola Allan, Chief Executive Officer.

“The need for innovation in healthcare has never been more important, and we are thrilled to be officially launching our new strategic plan today.

“This is not a one-dimensional document that gets pinned to a wall. This strategy is the basis of a powerful new story for Maryborough and the wider region.

“While it won’t be easy, we are well-placed to tackle some of the long-standing social and health challenges in our communities – to help change the story,” said Mrs Allan.

“We have a strong passionate team and partnerships behind us to connect our community to quality care, and significant investment to expand and redevelop Maryborough Hospital.”

A $100 million Victorian Government investment in the redevelopment of Maryborough Hospital will bring new state-of-the-art facilities, programs, services and jobs to help meet the growing demand and address workforce challenges.

Maryborough District Health Service developed the strategic plan to meet with needs of people living in the Central Goldfields and Pyrenees Shire based on extensive community consultation.

This included feedback from 170 staff and more than 100 community members, as well as partner agencies.

“We see ourselves as a bridge between the people in our community and their wellbeing.

“The community and patient experience is at the heart of everything we do, and we have worked with great care to listen and embed this feedback in our plan,” said Mrs Allan.

“On top of that we’re also investing in research to better understand the patient journey and how we can create or co-design new approaches to how we deliver care.

“These community-led insights hold the potential for MDHS to lead the region in healthcare and pave the way for innovation across other hospitals and healthcare providers,” she said.

“Real change requires a team effort and we are well supported by our partners including community groups, service providers, and government and education organisations.”

MDHS Board of Management Chair Kelly Mason said the board is excited about the opportunities ahead to provide a more sustainable and better healthcare experience.

“This is a very special time for Maryborough District Health Service and our community.

“In the coming months, you will see many exciting developments which are shaped by a new vision, purpose and promise to deliver great healthcare, which are backed by a clear action plan, a dedicated team and strong partnerships,” said Ms Mason.

“You will begin to feel the changes in how MDHS delivers care to positively transform the region with initiatives such as a new model of care for maternity services and new technologies to improve clinical systems and telehealth services.”

“Maryborough District Health Service is part of a wider ecosystem of providers that provide health and wellbeing services, education and support in collaboration with our community.

“We know that when we work towards a shared vision, we can truly change the healthcare story with our community,” she said.
MDHS is inviting community members and partners to learn more at an online Community Conversation session from 7.00pm to 8.00pm on Monday 6 June.

The information session will be broadcast live via the Maryborough District Health Service Facebook page. You don’t need to Facebook profile to view with stream.

“We encourage you to join us to find out more about the next step in our journey, which starts here, and to share your feedback along the way,” said Ms Mason.

What: Online Community Conversation – Changing the healthcare story
When: 7.00pm, Monday 6 June 2022
Where: Maryborough District Health Service Facebook page

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